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View still life & lifestyle photographs in a new light at Stephen Austin Welch’s site SAW-ART.com & blah, blah, blog!
high fidelity still life photograph by Stephen Austin Welch photographer director SAW-ART

an endorsement of SAW:

      “I highly recommend working with Stephen. Besides being a excellent shooter, he has a great way of calming a nervous client. His professionalism, confidence and know-how put my normally jittery client right at ease giving me a smooth shoot and making me look good at the same time.”

StevexHarbour • Creative Director | DGWB Advertising

I love working with people that get it—and Steve definitely gets it!

We are all on the same side (now, more than ever.) Communication is the foundation of all of my productions. You can read more endorsements and reviews of my work style in the section called “the real me” in the ABOUT page on my site.

cheers, Stephen

portrait of SAW by Katrine Naleid, knphoto.com
photo of me © Katrine Naleid » knphoto.com
(fyi, click to see the pic of me big)



Hi there. I am Stephen Austin Welch, a photographer and director. My specialties are capturing authentic lifestyle images,
genuine portraits & graphic still lifes. I also shoot, what I have coined, environments and scapes. See ’em all on my site.

I create photographs and spots for ad agencies, designers, record labels, magazines and businesses worldwide.
I am based out of San Francisco but travel across bridge/tunnel and oceans to get you your shots.

Call me, SAW, (or my great agent, Norman Maslov) for photo projects BIG, medium, small — here, there, anywhere.

We love to shoot!