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Stephen-Austin-Welch-SAW-ART lifestyle and portraits | tv spots | still lifes and environments | landscapes and urbanscapes

I’m celebrating 20 years as a director & photographer.

I shoot:

lifestyle & portraits   ·   tv spots   ·   still lifes & environments   ·   landscapes & urbanscapes

Let’s film a story!

Here’s to 20 more! ;-)  cheers, SAW

pick your poison:


Hi there. I’m Stephen Austin Welch, a commercial director & advertising photographer. My specialties are capturing authentic lifestyle images, genuine portraits & graphic still lifes. I also shoot, what I have coined, environments and scapes. See ’em all on my site.

We shoot tv spots & still photographs for ad agencies, creative firms, companies and magazines worldwide.

Call me, SAW, (or our production company, Traveling Picture Show Company,) for the next visual story you want to tell.

We love to shoot!